You are freedom itself

You are freedom itself, waking up to its obviousness.
But still there seems to be a little bone
in the throat of consciousness.
We wish to take it out?—look at what it is.
What is this bone?
It is the doubt: I can’t do it.
And whose doubt is it?
Find out.
But suddenly, the impulse to discover gives way
to a deep feeling of despair or apathy.
Do you feel yourself giving up?
This is what your mind wants:
you postpone. You start to feel tired.
You become fatigued.
You say, ‘Can we try again tomorrow, Mooji?
We still have one more day. I’ll try again later.’
But you are here now!
I sense this moment when your energy field changes
and the urge for liberation goes into depression.
Don’t buy any of this. It is all a hoax.
None of this is real. Drop it all instantly and the ghost is gone!
You are not a ghost; you are the perfect Self.
If you are going to be a ghost be the Holy Ghost.