yOur portal into experience and insight

From one of the sweetest spots in the United States we host yOur events and deliver high vibrational broadcasting.

We invite you to celebrate and embrace life: Enjoy creativity and well-being in real time, in the heart of the Monterey Peninsula, or via our broadcasts worldwide — wherever you are, whenever you choose.

  • Eco Broadcast Venue (Concerts, Discussion Panels, Music, Parties, Shows, Weddings, Wellness, Workshops)
  • Studio Cafe (near Monterey Bay Aquarium and Recreation Trail)
  • Live Audio/Video, Social Media Production
  • Video Archive (Local gems, art, education, entertainment)
  • Consultation (Sustainable projects)

Wave Street Studios is dedicated to quality craftsmanship in an atmosphere of naturalness and authenticity.

Structure supports spontaneity

Sound Stage
Our controlled acoustic environment empowers us to produce quality content with the unique Wave Street Signature Sound.

During the past 10 years we continuously invested into our infrastructure to innovate Wave Street Studios; to make it relevant, inviting and delightful for yOur events.

Location, Location, Location
We are two hours south of San Francisco, and the Esalen Institute is only 46 miles away. Neighboring the Monterey Aquarium and Cannery Row, we invite you to stop by and visit us for a good cup of coffee or tea. Come and feel our atmosphere.

Join me and my crew,
Rhett Allen Smith


Catch Up, in your own pace...
"Coffee Lovers at Wave Street Cafe" (new community group)